At Shelton Services, Inc. we have highly seasoned, trained, and skilled professionals to provide bulk liquid storage tank cleaning. With turnkey services including mechanical, robotic, and circulation techniques, we are ready to do the job, specializing in high-volume projects with large sludge levels. Our experienced technicians are qualified to handle hazardous and non-hazardous products. We help customers safely remove materials such as:

  • Crude Oil

  • Petrochemicals

  • Finished Products

  • Wastewater

  • Hazardous Chemicals 

  • Food oils

Shelton Services, Inc. encounters all types of cleanings such as API 653 inspection, certified gas-free by a Marine Chemist, cleaning for repair, change of product, hot work, and countless other cleaning scopes. Customers count on Shelton Services, Inc. to handle every aspect of their bulk liquid cleaning projects.

In addition to tank cleaning, Shelton Services, Inc. provides many other industrial field services. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Hydro-Excavation

  • Pipeline Cleaning

  • Rail Car Cleaning

  • Heat Exchanger Cleaning

  • Barge Cleaning

  • Pit Cleaning

  • Hydro-Blasting

  • Equipment Decontamination

  • Vessel Decontamination

  • Site Remediation

  • Sensitive Infrastructure Cleaning & Decontamination

  • Vacuum Truck Services

If you have a project you need done or a dilemma on how to get a project completed give us a call.

Our experience and capabilities extend beyond what is on this page!

Environmental and Industrial Services